Dark Honee™ 14 oz


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Get rid of thick and coarse hair so easily all over with the Dark Honee™ hair removal wax only from GIGI! Formulated with a blend of enriching natural ingredients and infused with honey. Takes out the most stubborn hair but still leaves your skin smooth, supple, and hair-free! Works best with GiGi Muslin STRIPS and Cloth Epilating Strips.

For Thick and Coarse Hair: Sometimes, unsightly body hair can just be so stubborn! Get everything off effortlessly with the GiGi Dark Honee™ Hair Removal Wax. No stray hair is left behind with each application. Hair-free beautiful skin in just a few minutes!

Rich Natural Hair Removal Wax: No more redness, irritation, or dry skin! GiGi’s exclusive Dark Honee™ Soft Wax features a wholesome blend of health-giving natural ingredients. Antioxidant-rich honey extract that keeps skin moisturized and castor oil that helps skin recover and heal.

Long-Lasting Smooth Skin: Get sensual, smooth, glowing skin longer with the GiGi Dark Honee™. Takes out coarse, tough body hair from the root! Enjoy silky, irresistible skin for weeks without plucking or shaving.

Professional Hair Waxing Action: The GiGi Dark Honee™ Wax is the perfect choice for waxing professionals looking for on-the-go solutions or serious home DIY beauty enthusiast. Get excellent results for you and your client that you can be proud of!