Facial Honee™ 14 oz


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Clear, bright, and beautiful! Keep your face positively hair-free with the gentle yet super-effective GiGi Facial Honee­™. A rich blend of luxurious wax and wholesome natural ingredients. Removes unwanted hair with a calming and protective effect. Say goodbye to razor bumps, redness, and swelling! You and your clients deserve only the best.

Gentle Facial Honee Wax: Have a delicate and sweet time waxing with GiGi Facial Honee™. Expertly formulated to take care of unwanted facial hair. Fast, easy, and gentle! Reveal silky smooth, healthy, hair-free skin with each effortless application. Pairs best with your favorite GiGi facial hair waxing strips!

Enriched Hair Removal Wax Formula: GiGi’s Facial Honee™ is a complete package! Takes out unsightly facial hair and more. Infused with beneficial natural ingredients that leave skin soft, supple, and thoroughly hydrated. Honey extract for skin moisture and protection, marigold flower extract to reduce inflammation, and chamomile extract that has skin-calming properties.

Free and Confident: Show everyone what you’ve got! No more hiding and shying away with the GiGi™ Facial Honee. This facial honey wax removes each hair strand from the roots. Hair-free, flawless face for weeks on end without the need for constant shaving and plucking! All you need to think about is your next stunning outfit.

Pro-approved Waxing: Whether you’re a mobile waxing professional or a serious DIY hair removal wax enthusiast. You’ll love how easy it is to get gorgeous results each time. The perfect addition to your on-the-go hair removal waxing kit or your beauty station shelf.