GIGI Roll-On Wax Kit


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The GiGi Roll-On Waxing Kit is a quick and easy system to wax like a professional at home. The no-mess roll-on application makes it perfect for beginners.
Features & Benefits
• Perfect for beginners as well as experienced waxers
• No wax applicators needed for a no-mess waxing treatment
• For brow, face and full body hair removal
• For all skin and hair types
• Small roller head for the brows and face
• Large roller head for the body
• Results last for weeks
• Pre Hon - Cleanses the skin of make-up, deodorants and body oils to prep the skin for hair removal
• Wax Off - Gently removes all traces of wax from the skin and moisturizes as it cleans, leaving skin soft and silky

Kit Includes:
• Roll-On Wax Warmer
• All Purpose Honee Small Roll-On Wax Cartridge 11 g / net wt 0.4 oz
• All Purpose Honee Large Roll-On Wax Cartridge 56 g / net wt 2 oz
• Small Roller Head
• Large Roller Head
• 15 Large Cloth Waxing Strips
• Pre Hon Pre-Wax Cleanser 59 mL / 2 fl oz
• Wax Off Wax Remover for the Skin 59 mL / 2 fl oz
• Instruction Booklet


- Apply GiGi Pre Hon to area to be epilated and pat thoroughly dry with a tissue.
- After removing caps from the waxes, attach roller heads to wax cartridges and place in warmer.
- Replace warmer cover and plug into outlet.
- Allow wax to warm for 30-45 minutes. Note: wax cartridges are designed to be heated in the roll-on warmer only; do not heat in microwave, oven or on stove.
- DO NOT leave the warmer plugged in for more than 1-¼ hours prior to using. If applicator feels too warm to use comfortably, let stand for 30 to 60 seconds on countertop. Though the wax cartridge may be uncomfortable to hold, the wax will not burn your skin.


- To start the flow of a new roll-on wax cartridge prior to waxing, remove applicator from waxing unit and turn upside down at a 45° angle. Wait a few seconds to allow air bubbles to rise and wax to flow into the roller head. Roll a small amount of wax onto a piece of paper or a brown paper bag, to ensure an even flow of wax.
- Test wax temperature on the back side of your wrist before wax application.
- Holding the roll-on cartridge at 45° angle, roll the wax on quickly in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Roll in one smooth motion. Do not roll back and forth. One thin coat of wax is all that is necessary. Do not squeeze roll-on wax cartridge.
- After applying wax, return roll-on wax cartridge to waxing unit. Keep unit plugged in until waxing session is complete. Always close cover to maintain proper wax temperature.
- Apply waxing strip and rub briskly in direction of hair growth for 3-4 seconds.
- With one hand, hold the skin taut. With the other hand pull off the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use one quick motion parallel to the skin. Pulling the strip straight up and/or too slowly may irritate the skin and break hair rather than remove it at the roots and may also leave wax residue.
- Apply firm pressure using your finger tips or palms immediately after removing waxing strip.

- Do not try to remove wax by washing with water.
- Apply GiGi Wax Off to skin where wax residue remains. Rub gently with fingertips to loosen wax. Wipe clean with a tissue.