GIGI Roll-On Wax Refill Kit


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The GiGi Roll-On Wax Refill Kit contains all the components to replace the wax cartridges, roller heads and waxing strips in the GiGi Roll-On Waxing Kit.

Features & Benefits:
• GiGi's best-selling All Purpose Honee soft wax formula for face and full body hair removal
• Small roller head and wax cartridge for the brows and face
• Large roller head and wax cartridge for the body
• Cloth waxing strips can be cut to size for waxing smaller areas

Kit Includes:
• All Purpose Honee Small Roll-On Wax Cartridge 11 g / net wt 0.4 oz
• All Purpose Honee Large Roll-On Wax Cartridge 56 g / net wt 2 oz
• Small Roller Head
• Large Roller Head
• 15 Large Cloth Waxing Strips