Lavender Creme Wax™ 14oz


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Get rid of unsightly body hair effortlessly with GiGi’s Crème Wax. Infused with the goodness of lavender oil famous for its skin-calming properties. Features a creamy, luxurious consistency that makes it so easy to spread for added flexibility and control. Gets into every corner of your body for a completely flawless finish!

Soothing Lavender Crème Wax: Take out unsightly body hair with a relaxing twist! No more redness and irritation with the GiGi Lavender Crème Wax. This lovely hair removal wax is infused with rich Lavender oil that soothes the skin.

Pleasurable Waxing Experience. Ecstasy with every wax session! Why go through pain just to get hair-free skin? The GiGi Lavender Crème Wax gives you a gentle and loving time with its luxurious creamy texture and heavenly Lavender scent. Spreads beautifully on the skin so you can get every last bit of unwanted hair out painlessly.

Best For Fine To Medium Hair: This Lavender Crème Wax from GiGi is best for fine and medium hair on normal skin. Gentle enough not to cause damage but potent for removing hair directly from the roots. This means you get to enjoy weeks of beautifully silky smooth skin without having to shave and pluck constantly! Your skin will thank you.

Easy and Reliable Hair Removal Wax: Bring expert-level waxing results to your or your client’s home with the GiGi Lavender Crème Wax. Comes in a handy and compact can that’s easy to fit on your pro hair removal wax kit bag or on your vanity.