PMDP007 Flawless White - 3in1 Gel Dip Acrylic 42gm


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White cream finish.

Perfect Match 3in1 Powder combines the durability of a gel polish, the strength of acrylic nails, and the ease of application of a lacquer to create stronger, longer nails with maximum shine.


Items needed: Primer, DIP Base, DIP Activator, DIP Top, Cleanser, Color Powder.


[#1] After preparing the nails, apply Perfect Match Prime Bond to all 10 nails and allow them to dry.
[#2] Working on one nail at a time, apply Perfect Match DIP base and immediately dip nail into Perfect Match 3in1 Color Powder of your choice. Dip at a 45-degree angle while gently rolling finger side to side for 5 seconds. Brush or tap off excess powder.
[#3] Repeat DIP Base and Powder application 2 times on each nail for additional coverage and to add strength.
[#4] Apply Perfect Match Dip Activator to all 10 nails and let dry.
[#5] File, shape, and buff nails. Use a nail brush to remove excess dust.
[#6] Spray and wipe nails with Perfect Match Gel Cleanser and Nail Prep Solution and let dry.
[#7] Apply Perfect Match DIP Activator to all 10 nails and let dry. Brush on a thin layer of Perfect Match DIP Top Coat, making certain to cover the entire nail. Be sure to cap the free-edge for a complete seal. Allow to air dry completely to a matte-like finish.
[#8] Apply a 2nd layer of DIP Top Coat to all 10 nails to maximize shine. Allow to air dry for approximately 2-3 minutes.
[#9] Finish with Perfect Match Cuticle Oil.