Espresso Infused All Purpose Honey Wax - 14oz


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Wake up to gorgeous, healthy, hair-free skin with GiGi’s Espresso All Purpose Honee™! Perk it up with a gentle, painless Hari removal wax session that leaves your skin glowing. Features a stimulating blend of wholesome ingredients that take skincare to the next level. Let’s go! Best paired with GiGi cloth or muslin strips for best results.


  • Easy and Gentle Hair Removal Wax: No bumps, no redness, no itch! The GIGI Espresso All Purpose Honey takes out unwanted hair effectively but with a gentle touch. Why pluck or shave? Get excellent results easier, faster, and safer!
  • Honey Espresso Goodness: Wake up! Rejuvenate your skin with the exciting touch of GiGi’s Espresso All Purpose Honee™. Features an expert blend of natural ingredients that nourishes your skin with a sultry soft smoothness. Antioxidant-rich coffee extract that helps protect skin against free radicals and Safflower seed oil for moisture retention.
  • Long-Lasting Lovely Skin: Keep it going with GiGi Espresso All Purpose Honee™! The perfect hair removal wax choice for beautiful skin from top to toe. Enjoy hair-free, healthy glowing skin for weeks with each session.
  • Get Up and Go: Great for wax pros and DIY waxers looking for an easy and portable hair removal wax solution. Comes in a convenient 14-ounce container that’s great for mobile waxing sessions with clients or perhaps a weekend wax at home. We made it easy just for you!